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usa <div id="bigtipcontainerbenelux"><div id="tipcontainerbenelux"><div id="tipheaderbenelux">Benelux</div></div></div><div id="tiparticle"><p>Travel Advance has been covering the Benelux market since 2003. Our hotel &amp; DMC representation divisions make regular targeted sales calls to tour operators in the Netherlands and Belgium.</p>
<p>In Belgium we have participated in the <a href="" target="_blank">Visit Africa Days</a>&nbsp;event every year consecutively since 2006. This Africa-focussed event brings together Belgian tour operators, travel agents, consumers, and African hotels, airlines and embassies.</p></div> <div id="bigtipcontainerdach"><div id="tipcontainerdach"><div id="tipheaderdach">DACH</div></div></div><div id="tiparticle"><p>Travel Advance&apos;s hotel and DMC representation divisions have been active performing sales calls and attending trade shows in Germany, Switzerland and Austria since 2003.</p>
<p>Our event management division partners South African events company Onshow Solutions to organise the annual Africa Showcase event. These are targeted travel trade workshops with the view to link up African hotels and tourism companies with the German/Swiss/Austria travel trade.</p>
<p>Travel Advance has extensive market knowledge plus excellent trade and media relationships in these markets. Two members of the Travel Advance team are fluent German speakers.</p></div> <div id="bigtipcontainercee"><div id="tipcontainercee"><div id="tipheadercee">CEE</div></div></div><div id="tiparticle"><p>The CEE countries (Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary and Slovakia) are the home markets of Travel Advance. These countries, especially Poland and Czech Republic, are experiencing the highest rate of growth in Europe.</p>
<p>Our head office is in Prague, and we have offices in Warsaw and Budapest.</p>
<p>Our destination management division represents Kenya Tourism Board in Czech Republic and Poland.</p>
<p>Our Event Management Department organises every year the Spotlight on Africa and Indian Ocean travel workshops.</p>
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